What Happens If Someone Skips Bail?

What you should do if someone skips bail

Skipping bail is when the person that has been bailed out of jail does not show up for their schedule court date, they have made no arrangements with the court for not attending their court data and is considered a very serious matter. Immediately a warrant will be issued for the offenders arrest and all but certain once they are arrested again, they will not be allowed bail from jail. This means they will remain in custody until their judgement is final.

Unfortunately, when an offender decided that he or she is going to skip bail, they are putting themselves, family and friends at risk with the courts.

Don’t harbor

The offenders typically will reach out to family or friends for help if they have skipped bail. What ever you do, do not harbor them in any way. This can lead to harboring and abetting charges against you and ultimately your arrest.

Talk talk with your bondsman

If you were involved with the offender’s bail process, call the bondsman immediately. You will want to disassociate yourself with the offender and help the bondsman in any way find the offender. The bondsman faces financial liability when the offender skips bail. You can be certain that bail agents and possibly the police will be knocking at your door trying to find him or her. If they find you are hiding the person in your home, you can be arrested on the spot. Do what every they ask of you to try and find the offender.


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