How Do I Hire A Bail Bondsman in Sonoma County?

Hire the right bondsman when you need one

What you should know about bail bonds in Sonoma County. When you or someone you know has been arrested, you’re entire world is in a state of chaos. We understand the anxiety, fear and stress an arrest can bring to you, your family and loved ones. At Rod Buntjer Bail Bonds we make the process quick and easy as possible under the circumstances.

First thing to do is call us. We will need to know the persons full name, date of birth and city/county he was arrested. If you know more information such as charges, this can be helpful. We’ll quickly be able to look up his arrest and start the bail process.

Keep in mind, not all bail companies are the same. Look for one that is knowledgeable, professional and will take the time to explain the process. Understand that all bail bonds companies are required to charge the same rate, no bond company can charge more than 10% by California law.

We do offer up to 20% discounts for Military, Seniors & Union Members as well as attorney referrals.

If you or someone you know has been arrested, contact us immediately to get your loved one released from jail.

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What Is The Bail Process? How Does It Work?

What to do when you or someone you know is sent to jail

When someone is arrested, they are first taken to booking at the police station. At this time the officer records personal information of the suspect as well as information about the alleged crime committed. Fingerprints, background check, mug shots and seizer of personal property takes place. After this process, the suspect is generally allowed a phone call to their attorney or loved one. Finally, the suspect is placed into a jail cell, typically with other recently booked suspects.

Posting bail is based on the seriousness of the crime committed. For less serious crimes, bail can often be posed immediately. This is when you would call a bondsman such as Rod Buntjer Bail Bonds. For more serious crimes, you will have to wait (usually within the following 48 hours) for a bail hearing where a judge will determine if you the suspect is eligible for bail and set a bail amount.

Bail amounts are set based on the seriousness of the crime and if someone is charged with a felony or misdemeanor. For example:

Felony Crimes Presumptive Bail Amounts

  • Unlawful Possession = $10,000
  • Bribery = $15,000
  • Vehicular Manslaughter = $30,00
  • Voluntary Manslaughter = $100,000
  • Kidnapping for Robbery, Sexual Assault = $1,000,000

Misdemeanor Crimes Presumptive Bail Amounts

  • Battery = $3,000
  • Property Damage = $5,000
  • Vehicular Manslaughter = $7,000
  • Violation of Protective Order = $10,000

Keep in mind that these are only presumptive bail amounts. Enhancements, prior arrests/convictions and other mitigating circumstances can and will affect the actual bail amount. Once the amount is determined, we can then begin the process of getting your loved one released from jail.

Based on bail amount, we will help you determine what type of bail is best for you. If low enough you can pay the bail in full, secure a bond with us or other options provided by the courts.

If you secure a bond with us we will charge a 10% fee on the total bail amount (discounts for military, seniors, attorney referrals & union members), we will also collect collateral and let the courts know that we are responsible for bail amount if you don’t show up for your court hearing.

The entire bail process when booked into a county jail can take up generally 2-6 hours.

If you have more questions about the bail process or need help securing a bond, contact us immediately.

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What Is A Bond? Are There Different Types?

The Different Types of Bail

Most people aren’t aware there are five different types of bail. While a Bail Bond or Surety Bond is most commonly known, there are other ways of getting out of jail.

Cash Bail:

If the bail amount is small enough, often times the suspect will pay cash for the bail amount in full.

Surety Bond (Bail Bond):

Securing a bail bond and release from jail typically is achieved by paying 10% fee of the total bail amount to the bondsman or bail agent and collecting collateral. The bail agent agrees to pay the full bail amount if the suspect does not appear in court.

Release on Own Personal Recognizance:

The judge will decide the suspect can be released on their own and will be responsible for showing up for court dates and will not have to pay bail.

Property Bond:

This is when the courts allow you to provide property to act as your bond in place of money. In this case, the court will get a lien on your property in the amount of the bail. If the defendant does not show up for their court date, the court can foreclose on the property to recover the forfeited bail amount.

Release on Citation:

Also known as “Cite Out”, in this case the office will not book the suspect, rather they will issue a citation noting that the accused person must appear in court. The reason the officer may take this option is so they don’t need to go through the formal booking process and can instead focus on catching more serious criminals.

If you or someone you know has been booked in jail, contact us to begin the process to secure a bond and release them from jail.

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What Happens If Someone Skips Bail?

What you should do if someone skips bail

Skipping bail is when the person that has been bailed out of jail does not show up for their schedule court date, they have made no arrangements with the court for not attending their court data and is considered a very serious matter. Immediately a warrant will be issued for the offenders arrest and all but certain once they are arrested again, they will not be allowed bail from jail. This means they will remain in custody until their judgement is final.

Unfortunately, when an offender decided that he or she is going to skip bail, they are putting themselves, family and friends at risk with the courts.

Don’t harbor

The offenders typically will reach out to family or friends for help if they have skipped bail. What ever you do, do not harbor them in any way. This can lead to harboring and abetting charges against you and ultimately your arrest.

Talk talk with your bondsman

If you were involved with the offender’s bail process, call the bondsman immediately. You will want to disassociate yourself with the offender and help the bondsman in any way find the offender. The bondsman faces financial liability when the offender skips bail. You can be certain that bail agents and possibly the police will be knocking at your door trying to find him or her. If they find you are hiding the person in your home, you can be arrested on the spot. Do what every they ask of you to try and find the offender.


If you have any questions, please contact us immediately.

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